Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Port Discovery Children's Museum

Jenna and I took a trip to the Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore today with Mandy and her daughter Sadie and Katy and her daughter Anna. We all piled in Mandy's van and made our way to Baltimore. It was much more crowded than I had anticipated, but the areas we were in (the toddler stuff) wasn't too over crowded. Jenna had a blast, her favorites were the music room, where she could beat on all the drums and dance (she loves to dance) and the Water Tables (she loves to play in water). The girls had a great day and wanted a "treat" so we stopped by the McDonald's , that I think was more crowded than the Museum. The girls and us moms got "treats" for the drive home. And much to our surprise, they had a fantastic trip back, Sadie slept for most of the trip, Anna part, and Jenna- nope didn't sleep at all. What a fun day! Can't wait to go again soon.

Jenna playing inthe music room

Water Fun

More Music

More Water

The End...Jenna, Anna and Sadie (who was ready for a nap)

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  1. We still haven't gotten to Port Discovery - we will have to try to do that soon. Looks like fun!