Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Many Ear Infections= Tubes

As most of you know Jenna has been fighting Ear Infections off and on for about a year. After numerous trips to her doctor he decided it was time to see an ENT. Of course the ENT suggested tubes. I was debating it at first but decided it was best for Jenna and I was tired of her being on antibiotics for weeks at a time. So the day came and I was a little nervous, not for the surgery (it lasts 10 minutes) but for my baby be taken away from me by strangers. We arrived at Winchester Medical Center at 7:00 am. We went back, got her dressed in her gown and waited for 8:15 to arrive. She was having fun watching all the nurses and people walk by. But then walks in the doctor and the surgical nurse asked a few questions and swept her away. I had been preparing myself that she was going to have a major meltdown but to my surprise she was fine (they took her away so fast I don't think she had time to realize what was happening). We walked into the waiting room at 8:17 and the doctor walked in at 8:30 letting us know she was all done. Sometimes I wonder how they do it so fast?? The nurse had warned us before that when she wakes up she may be very fussy and not too happy. As she was taking us to Recovery, she said that Jenna woke up, sat up and started talking (babbling). We walked into Recovery and she was sitting on the nurses lap drinking juice and watching Winnie the Pooh, like nothing happened. And all we heard while waiting to leave was how they were amazed at how aleart and happy she was. And we left the hospital at 9:00- start to finish 2 hours- amazing. She has been great today, like I said, you would never know she had surgery. And of course mommy spoiled her with new Barney and Elmo Dvd's. Here are a few very cute pictures of Jenna before the surgery.

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  1. O.M.G... hospital pictures are not supposed to look cute but she is so freaking adorable! That big ole hat and those eyes... how can you stand it?

    Glad to hear the 'handing her over' part went well... probably means you were in the right place at the right time!